Reel Recording | STUDIO

Reel Recording is a temple of sound, and home to Producer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist, Mark Galup, and Studio Manager/House Engineer, Erik Thompson. Mark & Erik have been producing, recording, mixing, and mastering records for over half of their lives, and it shows. They are also MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) Approved Mastering Engineers.


Your band can track in the same room and with sight lines. We have a big live room that sounds great for drums, a dead room that sounds great for piano, two iso booths perfect for amps, and a just-dead-enough vocal/acoustic iso booth.


All of our gear is earpicked and exceptional, to be able to translate the emotion you put into it. Using a big analog front-end, we perfect the sounds before we hit record, and use pristine digital converters to preserve our analog tones.


Great sounds come from great instruments, and we have collected many over the years. All of our instruments record well and stand out from the typical sounds that are heard on way too many records.