the goods at reel recording:

Neotek Series 1E  16 trk, 8 bus

Tape Machines
Otari MX-5050  MKIII-2 ¼ in. 2 trk.
Otari MX-5050 ½ in. 8 trk.

B&W 705
Paradigm Studio 20 v.3
Velodyne F-1500-B Subwoofer

Phase Linear 400 Series I

Converters, Digital Gear
27 in. iMac, Quad 2.8ghz, 4GB ram
Crane Song HEDD-192 Converters
Black Lion Audio Digi002 w/Pro Tools 9
RME Fireface UFX
Digidesign Command 8 Control Surface
Vast Array of Plugins

AEA A840
(2) Soundelux E47
Neumann CMV-563 w/M7 Capsule
Neumann/Geffel M582 w/M94 Capsule
(2) Geffel M300 Matched Pair
Royer R-121
(2) Oktava MK-012 Matched Pair
(2) Shiny Box M46 Matched Pair
ElectroVoice RE-19, RE-20, RE-55, 635A
Sennheiser MD-421
Shure KSM-141, SM-57
AKG D440
Audix I5, D6

Outboard Preamps
Avalon AD-2022  (2 ch.)
Chandler TG-2 EMI Edition (2 ch.)
D.W. Fearn VT-1
Drawmer 1969 (2 ch.)
Ampex 350
ART ProMPA (2ch.)

Dynamics and EQs
Drawmer 1969 (2 ch. Compressor)
Empirical Labs Distressor (Compressor)
Gates SA-39 (Compressor)
Manley Limited Edition Stereo Pultec EQ
MG Audio 1176 (Compressor)

Demeter Real Reverb (Spring)
(2) Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
Moog MF-104Z Analog Delay
Strymon El Capistan
Sansui Reverberation Amplifier RA-500 (Spring)
Lexicon PCM-90
Lexicon MPX-1

Carr Rambler
1966 Fender Showman (Blackface) w/15″ Tone Ring Cabinet
1973 Fender Princeton Reverb
1972 Fender Twin Reverb
1970s Fender Bassman Ten Combo 4×10
Sano BA-1 Bass/Accordion Ampilifier

Budda Phatman Tube Overdrive
Demeter OptoCompulator
Demeter Tremulator
Fulltone ’69 Fuzz
Fulltone ChoralFlange
Fulltone OCD V.4

Acoustic Guitars
Gibson 1936 AJ Reissue (Maple B&S, Short Scale)
Gibson Roy Smeck Reissue Prototype (Jackson Browne Model)
1942 Gibson LG-2
1935 Gibson L-37
1935 National Style O
1930 Kleartone Gem (Washburn/Regal)
Early 1900s Jonathan Acoustic Lap Steel
Seagull S-12 12-string

Electric Guitars
Gibson ‘57 Reissue Custom Shop Les Paul Goldtop
Robyn Telecaster
2000 Zumsteel SD-10
60s Magnatone Lap Steel

Fender ’62 Reissue P-Bass with Original ’62 Pickups
‘67 Hofner Beatles Bass

Ayotte Custom Birch 5-piece (Ray Ayotte Era)
Rogers Mid-60s Holiday Kick, Tom
Rogers Dynasonic Snare
Ludwig C.O.B. Snare
Mapex Popcorn Snare
Maryland Piccolo Snare

1959 Hamilton by Baldwin Studio Upright Piano
50s Hammond M-2
60s Hammond J-422 Organ w/ built-in Lesley
60s Boutique Italian Electric Harmonium
Moog Little Phatty
M-tron Pro VST

Other Instruments
1957 Epiphone Rivoli Mandolin
Folk Roots 4-String Dulcimer
Hohner Melodica